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Germany/ China/Singapore/Indonesia/Jeddah/Kuala Lumpur/, Aklan/ Cavite/ Boracay/, Philippines
Jebbie Barrios,an Artist,Animator,Character Designer,Visualizer,Concept Artist,Layout/Environment Artist and a fan of art, Traditional Architectural Draftsman before the colony of compu-machines. Trained extensively in the tradition of Anime arts by Tatsuji Kino,one of Japan's pioneer in Manga before Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Gibli emerges in the cinema,working on the classic Dragon Ball- Z,Tarurutukon,Marmalaid Girl,Sailor Moon,Dragon Quest,Crying Freeman among others. To and fro in other studios,and in 1997 works on Disney Films; Hercules,Recess,Buzzlightyear of Star Command,Teachers Pet,Mousework,House of Mouse,Tarzan,Emperor,Winnie the Pooh etc..A Character Designer for a hollywood 'Hoodwinked'.Toon City's Lead animator for Tom Ungerer's 'The 3 Robbers'. I just come back from the beautiful town of Halle,Germany to animate for a European Feature,Helme Heine's 'Mullewap'.A consultant in Hong Guang Animation/Wang Films in Suzhou City,China for Motionworks GmbH, Germany. Served as a Senior Concept Artist in Singapore and an Animation Supervisor for IFW in the Film, Eric Khoo's 'Tatsumi',-pushing the limits of the software ToonBoom technologies' Harmony in 2011.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008